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Data Hub Basic

1 Data Hub Overview

Data Hub Basic:

Data Hub Basic overview:
Moodle is a powerful system for delivering courses, however there are often times when users need to integrate with information from other systems such as SIS, EPR, HR, and Financial Record keeping systems. To facilitate this, Remote-Learner has built the Data Hub, a tool for 2 way communication of information between Moodle and other systems - users, courses, enrollments in and grades out. DH also provides a way to quickly setup Moodle courses by uploading a formatted CSV file and using template courses.

Update Frequency:
Inbound information (to Moodle):
Currently incoming information (users, user information, enrollments, courses, etc.) is updated every 5 minutes by default. This can be changed in the Data Hub Block settings.
Outbound information (from Moodle):
Grade and course information is exported every 24 hours by default. This can be changed in the Data Hub Block settings.

Data format(s):
The current version of Data Hub provides for import of CSV (comma separated values) files - a common format that can be easily created and/or edited in most data management tools (including Excel, OpenOffice, Access, etc.). Subsequent versions of DH will support XML files and WebServices.

Data Categories:

User data- this is data about the user, that includes some or all of the information that goes in the user profiles in Moodle. See below for a detailed description of the user data handling in DH Basic.

Course data- this is data about course properties that may be set by the data import. See below for a detailed description of these properties.

Enrollment properties- this is data about the enrollment status of a user - which courses the user is enrolled in, what their status is, what their role in the class is, the completion status for their courses, etc. See below for a detailed description of these properties.

Automating Data Import/Export:

Data Hub automatically imports files placed in it’s import folder every 30 mins by default and loads any new files that are placed there into Moodle. If your source data system (SIS/ERP/HRMS, etc.) can be setup to automatically export files, it can send them to the DH target folder in various ways – for instance via SCP, shell scripts, etc.

Since source systems are all different, we can’t guarantee that a particular client system can be fully automated, but it if it can be set to automatically export CSV files, then it is generally a simple matter for the system's administrator to set it to automatically export those files to the Data Hub Basic target folder. Once that is done, Data Hub will load the files every 30 minutes by default.

We work with clients to help their system administrators setup their systems on an hourly basis, if necessary (cost will depend on the specific system, how well documented it’s export functions are, etc).