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Flexpage Documentation


The Flexpage format is a new course format for Moodle. It is named Flexpage for 'flexible page', as it is a format that enables a content author a great deal of control over how and where content is displayed.


The basic features are:

  • 3 column view: Moodle blocks and modules can be assembled in any order in up to 3 columns on the page.
  • Inline Module display: the format can be extended to display module content inline (in the page). Presently this only has been extended for Forum, Assessment, and Resources, other modules show a link as expected.
  • Back button: When you enter a module, there is a back button to return you to the page you were previously on.
  • Parent-Child pages: a page can have child pages, and child pages can have child pages.
  • Automatic Tabs: A parent page can create a top tab if uses with the flexpage theme.
  • Course Menu: this block used with the Flexpage format provides a multiple menu system for navigating the pages.
  • Roles based menus: there is a 'view menu' role, so menus can be hidden/shown based on user role.
  • Backup and restore: any course in Flexpage format can be fully or partly backed up and copied to another course