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RL Update Manager Block

Documentation for the RL Update Manager block.

Book: RL Update Manager Block
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Date: Thursday, 19 October 2017, 1:20 AM

RL Update Manager Block

The name of the RL Agent block has been changed to the RL Update Manager block.

The Remote Learner Update Manager block is designed to give site administrators some control over the automatic update process. These updates are for bug fixes and point releases, e.g., Moodle 2.3.1.

The primary purposes for the RL Update Manager block are to:
  1. Notify the administrator of the next scheduled update.
  2. Allow automatic updates to be turned off.
  3. Allow a preferred update time to be configured.
  4. Send update notifications to a list of email addresses.
  5. Allow the scheduled date and time to be changed.
  6. Provide a log of old update operations.
The Remote Learner Update Manager block will be added to customer sites as they are upgraded to Moodle 2.2 and Moodle 2.3.

Once the block has been added to your site it can be added to the home page. On the home page go to the Settings block and turn editing on. Then using the 'Add a block' block add the RL Update Manager block. In the following image the block has been added to the site already. Only site administrators will be able to see the block.

RL Update Manager block

The block displays the date and time of the next scheduled update for the site, or displays a no updates scheduled message. There are two links within the block, Settings and Schedule. The Settings link allows you to edit settings for the block. The Schedule link allows you to view/change scheduled updates and view previous updates.


The Settings link opens a page of settings for the block. The following settings are on the page:
  1. Enable - Select the Enable check box to enable the RL Update Manager block and turn off automatic updates.
  2. Update Block Start - Use the drop down menus to select a time for the start of the maintenance period when updates can be performed.
  3. Update Block End - Use the drop down menus to select a time for the end of the maintenance period when updates can be performed.
  4. Notify on success - Check this to send email notifications for successful updates. If left unchecked notifications will only be sent when an error occurs during an update or an update is more than one hour old and hasn't been performed yet.
  5. Recipients - Email addresses of users who should receive notifications.
RL Update Manager block settings


The schedule page will list all currently scheduled updates and all previous updates. Each scheduled update will display:
  1. Update period
  2. Scheduled time
  3. Change link
RL Agent block schedule link

Select the Change link to change the scheduled time. A pop-up window will open with the interface for changing the scheduled time. Select a new date and time and then select the Save changes button.

Updating schedule time

The new date and time will be listed as the Scheduled time period and the former time will be the Default time period.

RL Agent block schedule page

Each previous update will display:
  1. Update period.
  2. Schedule time and Default time if there is one. There is only a default time if there was a change made to the scheduled time.
  3. Status - Not processed, In progress, Completed, Error, Skipped, or Canceled.
  4. Log with update details. Access to the log of previous updates should help with troubleshooting and verification purposes.
  5. Email notifications that were sent are listed at the end of the log.

RL Agent block schedule page

Managing Add Ons

The Remote-Learner Update Manager block has been updated for Moodle 2.7. Site administrators can now install, update, and uninstall Remote-Learner approved add ons using the block.

To link to the page that manages the approved add ons, add the RL Update Manager block and select the Manage Add Ons link.

Manage Add Ons link in the Update Manager block

Note: Add ons on our list are provided with the understanding that the functionality is not supported nor maintained by Remote-Learner. Any bugs that are found within them cannot be fixed by Remote-Learner and must wait until the maintainer fixes them to be addressed.

All Remote Learner approved add ons are listed on the Manage Add Ons page. Multiple filters can be used to narrow your search for specific add ons. The filters are listed at the top of the page.

Manage Add Ons screen

The following example will demonstrate how to search for the Census Report add on and update it. To search for a block use the (1) Add Filters drop down menu and select Block or (2) type in a key word, i.e., census.

Searching add ons list

Select the Update button next to the add on.

Update add on button

A list of all selected add ons can be viewed by going to the Selected Add Ons Queue drop down menu. In this example there is only one selected add on but this feature should be helpful with multiple add ons selected. Add ons can be removed from the list by selecting the X icon to the right of the name.

Update add on queue

Once the list of selected add ons has been confirmed select the Update/Install/Remove Selected Add Ons button to continue.

Update add ons button

A confirmation pop-up window appears, select the Confirm button to complete the update.

Confirmation window when updating add ons

It will take some time for the site to update after confirming the action. During the update the site is not available and a message is displayed 'Site is upgrading'. For the update action performed in the example above it took a couple minutes for the site to update.