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Moodle 2.5 Theme Engine

Remote-Learner's Moodle 2.5 Theme Engine

The Remote-Learner Moodle 2.5 Theme Engine:

Wouldn't it be nice if you could edit Moodle 2 themes with simple online forms? Select colors with a color picker? Easily upload and re-use images in your themes? See the effects of your changes right away?

We think so too, so Remote-Learner is now providing this capability for all clients.

This tool enables you to edit your theme online, with no need for ftp'ing CSS files, and many settings can be changed via simple, interactive webforms. For example you can change the color of an element by choosing it and selecting a color in the interactive color picker:

RL Master Colors tab

The Theme Engine also lets you enter CSS directly for more advanced users and effects.

Entering raw CSS in the Remote-Learner AutoTheme Engine:

RL Master Custom tab

However, for in-putting graphics, header and footer code, setting block and module colors, etc. the RL AutoTheme Engine enables you to build a new Moodle theme without having to know or write any code.

Adding an image to the top banner in the RL AutoTheme engine:

Images tab header logo section

In the following pages of this manual, we'll see how to create new themes for your Moodle 2 site using Remote-Learner's RL Master theme tool.