ELIS 1.9 Manual

Organizational Clusters

Assigning Roles in Clusters

To assign roles in a cluster, select the Roles tab. The roles available for assignment and the users that can be assigned that role will depend on the users permissions. A site administrator user would have access to all users and roles on the site. The users and roles available could be limited by a custom role, for example, a Cluster Administrator role.

Roles tab of a cluster

The roles screen shows a list of roles available, each role links to a list of users you can select for that role. After selecting a role link, the top of the screen has an Assigned link and an Unassigned link. Select "Assigned" to view a list of assigned users for the role, select "Unassigned" to view a list of unassigned users that can be assigned to the role. Once a user is added to a role, selecting that role will show you the assigned users of the role first.

Roles tab of cluster

This user list works the same as the cluster user list. You can select a user/users then assign them to the cluster at one time. One difference with this user list is there is a menu of choices, Enrollment duration, at the bottom of the screen. The enrollment duration choices are 1-365 days, or unlimited.

Roles tab of cluster

Once the users have been selected and the enrollment duration setting is correct, select the Assign roles button. The users will be added to the selected role. The amount of users in the different roles is visible in the right hand column of the roles screen.