ELIS 1.9 Manual

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ELIS Program Administration Menu

ELIS 1.8.7 Dynamic Program Administration Menu:
ELIS 1.8.7 includes a new, dynamic 'tree' menu that enables our users to navigate their curricula or organizational structure in one menu. Programs can be complex; this menu is designed to make it easier to see the structure of a program, and to make it easier to navigate directly to the part of the program you wish to edit.

Curriculum Administration block

The ELIS Program Administration Menu with clusters at the top level
  1. A top level organizational cluster
  2. 3 sub-clusters of the organizational cluster
  3. A curriculum called Sales Training is associated to the Miami Office top level organization cluster - in this case all users in Miami Office cluster have access to the Sales Training Curriculum.
The menu can be set to show Curricula and/or Organizational Clusters at the top level. Select the Configuration link to edit the settings for the curricula/clusters in the Curriculum Administration block.

Configuration link

Scroll to the Curriculum Administration Block Settings section of the configuration page:
  1. Set how many curricula or organizational clusters to show in the menu.
  2. Choose to show clusters or curricula in the menu. If both are chosen then clusters will be shown before curricula at the top level.

Curriculum Administration block settings

The ELIS Program Administration Menu with Curricula at the top level:

Curriculum Administration block
  1. Curriculum at top level in the ELIS Curriculum Administration Menu
  2. An expanded curriculum showing courses, tracks, and classes of the curriculum
  3. ELIS track of the "Compliance Training" curriculum
  4. Classes assigned to the Spacely All Staff Compliance track
  5. Cluster associated to the Spacely All Staff Compliance track

Ordering items in the ELIS Program Administration Menu:

You can control the order in which items appear in the Dynamic Menu by using display settings.

Curricula can be arranged using the Display Priority setting in the Curriculum Editing screen:
Curriculum display priority

Curricula with lower numbered Display Priority show up first (from the top) in the Dynamic Menu (if several curricula share the same priority, then they are displayed alphabetically).

When there are several course in a Curricula, they show up in the order that is set in their Position setting.

Course position in a curriculum

Course Position can be viewed/edited in the Courses tab of the Curriculum editing screen. Select the edit icon next to a course to edit the course position.

Editing the curriculum course position

The courses will have the same order in the Curriculum Administration block.
Curriculum Administration block

Organizational Cluster Display Priority:

When Organizational Clusters are displayed at the top level of the ELIS Program Administration Menu, their order can be managed via the Cluster Display priority setting in the Cluster editing screen. Go to the Edit tab of a cluster to edit the display priority settings.

Cluster display priority setting

The Organizational Clusters are shown in the order set by their display priorities, with higher numbers shown on top. For example, a display priority of 2 will be shown before a display priority of 1.

More information about ELIS Organizational Clusters.