ELIS 1.9 Manual

ELIS Data Hub

Assigning Users to Clusters/Groups

Assigning Users to Clusters with User Files

Users can be automatically associated to a cluster by assigning users a value for an ELIS custom profile field via an ELIS Data Hub user file. The ELIS custom profile fields will be listed in the user property map located on the User tab of Data Hub.

To get started the profile field will need to be created in Moodle. Then a matching profile field needs to be created in ELIS. ELIS user custom profile fields are always created from Moodle profile fields. To create or edit ELIS user profile fields go to the Curriculum Administration block > Custom fields > User tab.

Go to the Moodle Synchronization section located at the bottom of the create/edit screen of the ELIS user profile field, you may have to select the Show Advanced button located on the right hand side of the page to view the Moodle Synchronization section. The ELIS user profile fields have to be set to "copy values to Moodle". When the users profile field value is added or updated via ELIS Data Hub, that value will be copied to the Moodle profile field. Clusters use the Moodle profile field to associate with users.

Profile field syncing between ELSI and Moodle

The following cluster is automatically associated with users who have their Math Level profile field set to Math4.

User association with a cluster

Once the profile field and cluster are setup the user file can be imported. The profile field shortname is used in the header of the file. This user is being assigned the Math4 menu option for this profile field, which will auto-associate he/she to the cluster above.

ELIS IP user file

Assigning users to clusters allows them to be automatically associated with ELIS curricula, tracks, classes, and Moodle courses. With the appropriate cluster settings set to allow as shown below, the cluster will also assign users to groups and create groups.

ELIS 1.8.7 Cluster/Group Review

The steps for creating groups in Moodle using clusters are at this link.