ELIS 1.9 Manual

Organizational Clusters

Displaying Clusters in the Curriculum Admin Block

Links to clusters can be displayed in the top level of the Curriculum Administration block. In this scenario the sub-clusters of clusters would be shown in the 2nd level, sub-clusters of sub-clusters will be shown in the 3rd level, etc. This allows all the clusters of an organization to be displayed on one screen. The curricula, courses, tracks, and classes that are associated to clusters/sub-clusters will also be shown in the lower lever branches of the menu tree, they can be linked to as well.

To edit these settings go to the Curriculum Administration block > Admin > Configuration > Curriculum Administration Block Settings. The settings are described and shown below:
  • Number of entity icons to display before collapsing: A set amount of clusters and curricula can be displayed in the Curriculum Administration block, this setting must have a value of at least 1. In the image below this is set to 8, so up to 8 organizational clusters and/or curricula will be shown in the Program Administration block before they automatically collapse. If this was set to one then only the first organizational cluster would be shown.
  • Display Clusters as the Top Level: This will display organizational clusters in the first branch of the menu tree in the Curriculum Administration block. The second image below demonstrates this. ACME Corp and Spacely Sprockets are displayed at the Top Level. Sub-clusters of the organizational cluster will be the 2nd level. Sub-clusters of sub-clusters would the 3rd level. If this checkbox isn't selected clusters will not be shown in the Curriculum Administration block.
  • Display Curricula as the Top Level: This works the same as the clusters above. If both curricula and clusters are selected, then clusters will be shown before the curricula, but both will be in the top level.
Curriculum Administration Block Settings

The example in the image below is showing 2 organizations in the top level, ACME Software and Miami Office. ACME Corp's 2 sub-clusters are also shown in the 2nd level.

Clusters in the Curriculum Administration block

The curricula, courses, tracks, and classes associated with clusters will be shown in lower level branches of the cluster menu tree. For example, if the ACME Software cluster > Sales Associates sub-cluster had a curriculum assigned to it, it would be shown below the 2 sub-clusters at the 3nd level. If the cluster is also associated to a track of that curriculum, then it would be shown as a sub-level of the curriculum, or the 4rd level of the organization cluster. The following image has an example:
  1. When ACME Software's organizational cluster is expanded the sub-clusters are shown
  2. When the Sales Team sub-cluster is expanded, the associated Sales Training curriculum is shown
  3. When the Sales Training curriculum is expanded
  4. Courses of the curriculum are shown
Cluster view in the Curriculum Administration block

Display Priority

The display priority for clusters in the Curriculum Administration block can be set with the Cluster Display Settings when adding/editing a cluster. The cluster with the highest number will be displayed at the top of the list, lowest number at the bottom. For example, if there are clusters with display priorities 0-5, 5 will be at the top of the list and 0 will be at the bottom.