ELIS 1.9 Manual

Data Hub Basic for ELIS

There are times when you may want to use functionality that is in Dat Hub Basic - such as creating Moodle courses without creating ELIS Tracks, enrolling users directly to Moodle courses, updating profile fields that are not synced to ELIS, etc. In that case you can enable Data Hub Basic so that it will take over from ELIS Data Hub and function instead. If you do this, then you will need to format your CSV files following the DH Basic requirements.

The first step to using Data Hub Basic with ELIS is to configure the Data Hub block. Go to the Site Administration block > Modules > Blocks > Data Hub. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there will be a checkbox to switch between ELIS DH and DH Basic, select it and save changes.

Use Data Hub Basic setting

Accessing Data Hub Basic is different than ELIS Data Hub. To access DH Basic the Data Hub block needs to be added to the site.

Data Hub block

Select the following link to go to the Data Hub Basic Documentation, it is located in another book of this course. DH Basic and the documentation for it are for Moodle only.

DH Basic may be used to assign users to clusters because clusters can be associated with Moodle profile fields. The following page includes a use case where a user is assigned to a cluster using an DH Basic User file. Associating the cluster to curricula or tracks can enable auto-enrollment to curricula and tracks with the same file.