ELIS 1.9 Manual

Data Hub Basic for ELIS

Assigning Users to Clusters with DH Basic

Currently with Data Hub Basic this feature only works when using the Add action to add new users. If using the Update action to update existing users then users won't be added to clusters via their profile field settings. This is scheduled to be fixed in ELIS 1.9.3.

ELIS Data Hub can also be used to add users to clusters via profile fields, it works when adding/updating users, link to the documentation.

To assign users to a cluster with Data Hub, a Moodle profile field, cluster, and Data Hub user file are required.

1. To create/edit profile fields go to the Site Administration block > Users > Accounts > User profile fields. The shortname of the profile field in this example will be ACME, the menu choice assigned to the user will be ACME_Sales.

2. To create/edit clusters go to the Program Administration block > Users > Manage Clusters and select the Add Cluster button. The cluster in this example is associated with users that have there ACME profile field set to ACME_Sales.

Create cluster

3. Create an DH Basic User File:

Example file for assigning users to clusters

4. Upload the file and process it. Once the file is processed this users profile will be updated and they will be added to the cluster associated with the new profile field value they were assigned.

In this example the profile field being updated is in Moodle, so the ELIS cluster the profile field is associated to, won't be updated with the new user until the cron runs.

Associating Cluster to Curricula and Tracks

Users can also be auto-enrolled in curricula or tracks with this setup by associating the cluster to curricula and/or tracks. To do this go to the Curricula tab or Tracks tab of the cluster and select a curriculum or track association. When associating the curricula or track, you will be asked to set auto-enrollment settings for the association.

For example, if the cluster above is associated to a track, and the users of the cluster are set to be auto-enrolled in the track, the user in the file would be auto-enrolled in the track when they are assigned to the cluster. They could also be auto-enrolled in classes of the track if the track were setup that way.

Note: When the user is added to the track in this example, they will automatically be added to the curriculum the track is an instance of.