ELIS 1.9 Manual


Pre-Test and Post-Test Completion Elements

In ELIS courses, you can assign Pre-assessment and Post-assessments items for classes, and then measure the difference between the Pre-assessment and Post-assessments*. This can help you assess if courses are effectively improving targeted knowledge in your program. If you have multiple trainers/teachers teaching the same class you can see the more effective ones over time - their learners show more improvement between the Pre-assessment and Post assessments over time. Also if you make adjustments to content or programs aimed at improving effectiveness, ELIS can help you determine the scope of the improvement. We also have functionality to show how much time learners are spending in the courses- so you can decide whether %5 improvement is worth the time it takes - if it takes extra time - for example.

Pre-Test and Post-Test completion elements should be added to the course as ordinary completion elements. Pre-test and post-test completion elements will be counted with other completion elements in reports, the benefit is that some reports have a separate column for these completion elements.

To add pre-test and post-test completion elements:
  1. Go to the Completion Elements tab of a course
  2. Select the Add Element button and add completion elements
  3. The completion elements are included in the list of completion elements.
Add completion element button

Once completion elements have been added to the course they can be selected from the drop down menu for the pre-test or post-test fields. To edit these fields select the Edit tab for the course.

Edit tab screen of a course

Only one completion element can be selected for each field, and once a completion element is selected for one field it can't be selected for the other field.

The following images have sample reports that have pre-test and post-test data. The first report is the Individual Course Progress Report. The following list briefly explains some areas of the report.
  1. Completed Items: This column shows data for completion elements in the course. The pre-test and post-test data are included in this column because they are completion elements.
  2. Pre-test: This column shows the score the user received on the pre-test if there is one for the course.
  3. Post-test: This column shows the score the user received on the post-test if they received one.
  4. This course has been completed by the user and they have a grade in ELIS, but there are no completion elements in the ELIS course so the user does not have data in this report for that course. Most reports use completion elements for data. Some reports show data for courses without completion elements, e.g., the Individual User Report.
Individual course report with pre-test and post-test data

The Site Usage Summary Report has pre-test and post-test averages for all the courses on the site. In the next image of the report, the red arrow is pointing to the pre-test/post-test row.

Example of pre-test data in Site Usage Summary Report

*By default these are termed "Pre-test" and "Post-test", however it is easy to change these terms (without affecting the functionality:-)) in the Moodle language editor.