ELIS 1.9 Manual


Curriculum Expiration

Curricula can be set to have an expiration date, this date is printed on the Curriculum Report, the Individual User report, and on the Certificates. The expiration simply prints the date the Curriculum creator sets for the curriculum to expire. This is useful for curricula that lead to licensure, where the license is only good for a set term, for example.

Step 1: Activate Admin Configuration Setting for curriculum expiration:

Curriculum expiration is turned off by default, so the first thing to do if you plan to use Curriculum expiration is to turn it on in the ELIS Configuration settings. If it is not turned on, then expiration notifications will not be printed on reports.

To edit the Curriculum Expiration settings go to the Curriculum Management block > Admin > Configuration > Learning Plan section > Enable curriculum expiration.
  1. First, activate curriculum expiration.
  2. Next, decide whether expiration will be calculated from the start of the student's enrollment in a class of a curriculum, or the date they complete the curriculum.
Curriculum Expiration settings

Example: if the expiration date is based on the date I student enrolls, then and a curriculum is set (in the curriculum settings) to expire in 1 year, then the student will have 1 year from the time of their enrollment before the curriculum expires.

If the date is set to 1 year from the time the student completes the curriculum, and a curriculum is set (in the curriculum settings) to expire in 1 year, then the student will have 1 year from the time they complete the curriculum before the curriculum expires.

Step 2: Set Curriculum Expiration Settings

Curriculum Expiration settings on the Edit tab of curriculum

For each curriculum you can set a different expiration date. For example if the curriculum administrator chooses 1y, 3m here, then 1 year and 3 months after the student enrolls or completes a curriculum (based on the setting in step 1), the curriculum expires.

Step 3, Set Curriculum Expiration Notification Settings.

If you setup Curriculum Expiration Notifications then students and optionally site administrators can be notified when when a student's curriculum is due to expire.

To set this up, click the Notifications link:
Notifications link in the Curriculum Administration block

Scroll down to the Curriculum Expiration Notification settings:
Curriculum expiration notifications
  1. Select "User" to notify the user who's curriculum is expiring. Select "Role with "curr_admin:notify_curriculumreccurence" capability to notify users who's site level roll has this capability when a student's curriculum is expiring.
  2. You can edit the notice here.
  3. Finally, you can set the number of days before the curriculum expires to send the notice. It's a good idea to tell students what they can do to renew their curriculum before it expires.
Curriculum Expiration on ELIS Reports:

Viewing Expiration on ELIS Reports:

Currently the Curriculum Expiration date is printed on three ELIS reports:
  • The Curriculum report
  • The Individual User report
  • and on the Curriculum Certificates (if you have Certificates enabled on your site)
When Curriculum Expiration is activated, then an "Expires" column is printed in the Curricula Report. To see this, run the Curricula Report:

Curriculum report filter

Above I've chosen a cluster to filter the results on, of course this is optional.

When the report is run, an "Expires" column is printed:

Curriculum report with expiration data

This shows when the Curriculum will expire for all curricula that have an expiration date.

Individual User Report:
On the Individual Users Report, the expiration is also printed.

When a student views their user report:
User access to Individual User report

They can see the expiration dates for curricula they are enrolled in:

User 's view of their Individual User report

On this report, the user can see that their Curriculum expires on June 24, 2012.


When a user views a certificate for a curriculum with an expiration date:

User link to curriculum certificate with Expiration information

They can view the expiration date on their Certificate:

User curriculum certificate