ELIS 1.9 Manual

Organizational Clusters

Copy Curriculum to Cluster

In ELIS 1.8.7 when adding a curriculum to a cluster, you now can choose whether to link the curriculum or to copy the curriculum.

Linking to the curriculum means that any changes to the curriculum (classes added, etc.) will be visible by all clusters that are linked to the curriculum.

If the Curriculum is copied to the Cluster, then a duplicate of the curriculum is made, and added to the cluster.

Copy Curriculum button on the Curricula tab of a cluster

When the Copy Curriculum button is pressed, a list of curricula that can be copied are shown. The first part of the list shows curricula already associated to clusters, below that there is a list of curricula unassociated to clusters.

Copy curriculum screen
  1. The list of curricula from which you can choose to copy - check the 'Add' box to select a curricula for copying.
  2. If this is selected, tracks are copied also.
  3. If this is selected, courses are copied also.
  4. If this is selected, classes are copied also.
  5. This is a list of choices about how to copy Moodle courses that are linked to ELIS classes.
  • Always copy will make new copies of all Moodle courses linked to ELIS classes.
  • Copy auto-generated courses will make a duplicate of the Moodle course the ELIS class is attached to.
  • Auto-create from template, will make a new, fresh copy of the Moodle course the ELIS class is attached to from the original template.
  • Link to exiting course - this will maintain a link to the existing Moodle course.