ELIS 1.9 Manual

ELIS Data Hub

New Data Hub Features for ELIS 1.8.8

1. Courses can be added to sub-categories and sub-categories can be automatically created via Data Hub Basic in ELIS 1.8.8.
  • The default column header for this entry will be "category". This is configurable in the Course property map.
  • The category and sub-category names are separated by a / in the csv file. For example, if your adding a course to the Spring 2011 category and the Math sub-category, enter "Spring 2011/Math".
  • Sub-categories in the file that don't exist on the site will be automatically created by the file. For example, if the file entry is "Spring 2011/Science", then the Science sub-category will be created if it hasn't been already.
2. Letter Grades are included in the export file. The "Letter" column on the far right hand side of the report has the letter grade for users.

3. Export tab: Custom profile fields can be added to the export report in ELIS 1.8.8 on the Export tab of Data Hub.

Export tab
  1. Select the Export tab to add/edit custom profile fields for the export report.
  2. Select the profile field that will be added to the export report and give the entry a column header. For Data Hub import files, the column header would be the custom profile field shortname by default, the shortname is being used in the examples here.
  3. Select the Add button to add the profile field to the export report.
  4. Once the profile field has been added to the report it can be deleted, its position in the list can be changed, or it can be edited. Selecting the edit icon for a profile field on this screen will give you 2 options, change the header name or changed the profile field. When editing a selection on this screen, select the Update button when finished.