ELIS 1.9 Manual

Organizational Clusters

Using clusters to auto-enroll users in curricula/tracks

From the manage cluster screen you can select the Tracks or Curricula tabs for the cluster and associate an existing curriculum/track to the cluster.

Cluster screen highlighting Tracks and Curricula tabs

When a curriculum/track are selected to be associated to the cluster

Selecting a track to associate to cluster

a screen appears with auto-enroll settings for the curricula/track. Select the Save changes button when finished and the curricula/track will be associated to the cluster.

Auto-enroll settings for cluster-track association

In this example a track is being associated to the cluster, and users of the cluster will be auto-enrolled in the track.

Once a user has been auto-enrolled in a curriculum or track via association with a cluster, the user can not be unenrolled from the curriculum/track by:
  1. Deleting the cluster
  2. Removing the association between cluster and curriculum/track
  3. Removing the user from the cluster

The user has to be unenrolled from the curriculum or track directly. For example, go to the Users tab of the curriculum/track and remove the user from the list.