ELIS 1.9 Manual

Step by Step Example Program Setup

Adding completion elements

If you are using a Moodle course, you may want to setup completion elements. These are graded activities within the Moodle course. When a student completes all the completion elements for an ELIS course, they receive credit for that course. Completion elements are optional - for this example curriculum we will use completion elements defined in the Moodle template courses for each of the ELIS courses in the curriculum.

To start, go to the the Completion Element tab of a course and select the Add Element button.

Add completion element button

To add a completion element from a Moodle course you will need to know the ID number of the graded activity in the Moodle course.

Adding completion elements screen

Getting the ID number:

Go into the Moodle template course. Turn editing on for the course home page and select the activity Edit icon

Activity edit icon

or select the activity and click on the Update button.

Update activity button

In the Common module settings for the activity, get the ID number. This will tie the activity's grade in Moodle to the completion element in ELIS.

Activity ID number

Once this is entered, save changes.

Adding completion elements screen

The completion element now is tied to the course. If there are other activities in the Moodle course that need to be completed in order to complete the course, you can add those as well.

Completion element screen

Completion elements are optional, but not required. If there are no completion elements, then the completion grade will be used - if a student in the course earns the completion grade or better, they are given credit for the course.

If completion elements are present, then the students must both complete all the completion elements, and get a grade above the completion grade.

Once a student is marked as having completed a course, then their grade is "locked" and will not be updated any more. So if they have no completion elements, then students may be "stuck" with the first grade that they get that is above the completion grade. This means that if there are no completion elements for a course, then the course's gradebook must be setup to calculate the course total correctly. We will look at using the course total to generate a passing grade in the next example course.