ELIS 1.9 Manual

Step by Step Example Program Setup

Using a completion grade

The second and subsequent courses in this curriculum will use completion grades rather than completion elements. The second course requires a completion grade of 100 % in order for the student to receive credit.

Course overview showing completion grade setting

When using a completion grade without completion elements, it is important to check the gradebook settings of the template course - make sure that the aggregation settings are correct. Moodle's default setting: "Aggregate only non-empty grades" causes the issue below:
Moodle gradebook

The next two images show a simple way to fix this issue by turning off "Aggregate only non-empty grades". To do this select the edit icon for course grades as shown in the next image (the name of the course is 3 Activities). You can also go to Categories and items page and there is a similar edit icon there.

Moodle gradebook

Go to the grade category section shown in the following image, if you don't see this section you may need to select the "Show Advanced" button. Make sure "Aggregate only non-empty grades" is deselected.

Moodle gradebook settings

This will result in the course total being correctly divided by the number of activities.

Moodle gradebook with updated grade

One still has to be careful with course totals and for more complex courses gradebook calculations or hiding the the course total until after the completion date should be used to avoid early course completion.