ELIS 1.9 Manual

Step by Step Example Program Setup

Creating a Cluster and Profile Field

A powerful feature of ELIS is the ability to auto-assign users to courses by looking at data in the user's profile fields. In the case of this example curriculum, we are going to assign employees of the Little Big Company to take a new Project Management curriculum based on a setting in their user profile field. In this case, users who have not taken any Project Management courses are going to have a value in their profile field set to "PM0" - meaning they have not achieved any level of Project Management certification. When users are going to be loaded into the system with this setting, they will be automatically enrolled into the Level 1 project management certificate curriculum*.

To set up a cluster, click the Add Cluster button in Manage Clusters. In the Auto-associate drop down, you'll choose the custom profile fields to be used to auto-assign users to this cluster.

Add cluster screen

If you have not created these custom fields, here is how you can do it:
User profile fields link

Go to the site administration menu and click "User profile fields". Choose the "Menu of choices" profile field type (currently this is the only field type that works with ELIS).

Creating profile field menu of choices

Give the field a short name and name. In this example, we name it PM-Level because this field will be used to record the level of Project Management certification the user has achieved.

Creating a profile field

In the screen below - I've entered the menu options PM0-PM3 - these four options map to the different levels of Project Management certification in the program. In this example there will be a curriculum that will map to each of the menu options below. The field will be locked so users can not change their Project Management Level setting.

Creating a profile field screen

To have all users in the system have their Project Management Level profile field automatically start at PM0, we enter PM0 as the default value to the example above.

Next we'll create a cluster of users and map that cluster to load all users who have their PM level set to PM1.

Add Cluster button

Here we'll give the Cluster a name, and description, and then we'll choose the user profile field to associate with this cluster. In this example we're associating the Project Management Level profile field we created previously, and with this cluster we'll associate the PM1 value - so all users with the PM1 value will be auto-enrolled in the cluster.

Adding a cluster screen

Save changes and you can see the new cluster:
View of a new cluster

And when you click the User tab you can see the list of users who are now associated with this cluster.

Users tab of a cluster

The next step will be to add a new track and match it with the curriculum. As mentioned previously, ELIS tracks what is used to deliver the actual classes of a curriculum.

Add Track button

*In a case where users might have prior training and/or certification in Project Management, Administrators can set specific users to a different level manually or during data import.