ELIS 1.9 Manual


Prerequisite and Corequisites

ELIS courses can have prerequisites or corequisites. If a course has a prerequisite, the prerequisite must be completed before the course can be enrolled in.

To add a prerequisite, go to the curriculum and click on the courses icon. In the course list for the curriculum click the Key icon to set prerequisites.

Prerequisite icon

The prerequisites screen shows you a list of courses that can be added as prerequisites. You can add courses from both inside and outside the current curriculum. If you add a course from outside the curriculum, the course can be added to the curriculum so that students can find it.

Adding a course prerequisite

To add a prerequisite to your course, select the course and click "Add prerequisite" - you can select multiple courses here by control-clicking.

To remove a prerequisite from your course, click a course or control-click courses in the the "Existing Course Prerequisites" list and click "Remove prerequisites".

Select the "Add prerequisites to curriculum" checkbox to add courses outside the curriculum to the curriculum.

When you are done, click Exit to return to the previous screen.