ELIS 1.9 Manual

ELIS from a Learners Perspective

Student view of Waitlist

When students enroll themselves in classes that are full they will be put on the class waitlist. This example will demonstrate a user enrolling in a class waitlist.

The following image shows the user's Curriculum Overview screen. They are selecting the Choose class link for the first class listed.

User's Curriculum Overview screen

A list of classes this user can enroll in appears. There is only one class in this example so the user will choose this class. If you scan to the right of the image there is a Class Size column that shows this class has the maximum number of users enrolled, 2/2.

User's choose class screen

The next image shows the confirmation screen the user will see before being added to the waitlist. The users are added to the waitlist by selecting the Enroll button.

When seats become available in the class, the users on the waitlist will be added to the class in the order they were added to the waitlist. This class doesn't have anyone on the waitlist so this user will be in the first position.

Note: Each class has a setting for enabling auto-enrolling users from the waitlist when spaces/seats become available in the class. If this setting is not enabled users will have to be manually added to the class from the waitlist by an administrator/teacher.

Confirm adding user to waitlist screen

Once the user selects the Enroll button they are added to the class waitlist. The user will receive an email and Moodle message which states: "You have been added to the waitlist for the class: (name of class)". The user will receive another email and Moodle message when they are removed from the waitlist and placed in the class.

The waitlisted course will show up on the user's Waitlist Courses screen and their Curriculum Overview screen. The next image is showing the user's Waitlist Courses screen. The user can also remove themselves from the waitlist here by selecting the delete icon (red circle), shown on the far right side of the next image. The column to the left of the delete column is showing the position the user has in the waitlist.

User's Waitlist Courses:
Waitlist Courses screen in Learning Plan

In the updated curriculum overview screen, the user can see they have been added to the waitlist.

User's Curriculum Overview:
Curriculum Overview screen