ELIS 1.9 Manual


Configurable User Class Completion Report

This is a highly configurable set of two reports that was developed for Public Sector and corporate Compliance Programs. The configurations on the two reports can be used to create a number of 'ad-hoc' reports on user' status in curricula, courses, classes, and certification.

Custom fields from the above ELIS contexts can be filtered on and displayed on the report, as can user custom fields. The report output is also highly configurable.
UCCR Location
The first section of the report configuration is a set of filters you can use to drill down into your data.

The filters of this report enable you to limit the data shown on the report. For example if you filter by full name contains "Michael":

User Filter

Then the report will only show data for users who have 'michael' in their first name:
User Class Completion Report -Michael

On the report, you can click the user's name to view their ELIS profile. The Details link will show detailed data for that user in a new window:


  1. The details report opens in a new window
  2. By default, the report shows the courses and classes the selected user is enrolled in, the Environment, State Date, Completion Elements, their Status in the Classes, the Completion Date, and Credits Earned. Other fields can be added to these default fields as described below.
  3. Report data is cached to improve performance, you can use the Refresh button to update the report data.
Advanced User Filter:
Advanced button

The "Show Advanced" button will enable you to filter the report data by any user field, as well as custom user fields.

Advanced Filtering

For example, in the screen above, the Advanced Filters have been opened up, and we are filtering the report to show users with both 'michael' in their name, and the email domain 'rlgdocs.com' in their email address.

Results report

Thus the filters can be combined to narrow down the results set on the report.

Filtering by Cluster:

The UCCR report data can be filtered by Cluster as well. For example if we choose a cluster, we will only see data for users in that particular cluster.

UCCR Cluster Filter
  1. In this example only users who are members of the ACME Corporation cluster will be shown on the report.
  2. Enabling the Cluster Tree menu will enable you to add multiple clusters and/or sub-clusters to the report
Results for a cluster

The resulting report shows only the users who are in the ACME Corporation cluster, with the credits they have earned.

Using the Cluster Tree filter enables you to compare several clusters:
UCCR cluster filter

For instance this setting would show data for users in the ACME Demolition, and Dep A and Dep B sub-clusters.

Filtering by Curriculum:
The report can also be filtered by Curriculum, to show only those users who are enrolled in a particular Curriculum.
Curriculum Filtering
Clicking on a curriculum will and then running the report will filter on that curriculum. Double clicking on the selected curriculum will show only the courses of the curriculum in the Course selector. You can also filter the report to show only users enrolled in both the course and the curriculum, for example.

Filtering by Course
Likewise the report data can be filtered by course:
Course Report Filter
Double clicking the course name will show the classes of the course, and you can then click on a class to filter the report to show only the users in a single class.

Filtering by Complete Status
The User Class Completion Report can also be filtered by the status of the user. Currently there are 4 status values supported:

Shows only users who have passed an ELIS Class in the filtered data set. E.g. if you filter on a curriculum, this will show only users who have passed at least one class in the curriculum.The details report for a user will show which class(es) were passed.
Shows only users who are marked as having Failed the ELIS Class. E.g. if you filter on a curriculum, this will show only users who have failed at least one class in the curriculum. The details report for a user will show which class(es) were failed.
In Progress
If the ELIS Class has an associated Moodle Class, then users who have logged into the Moodle Class are considered to be 'In-Progress'. If the ELIS Class does not have an associated Moodle Class, then users who have been marked complete on at least one Completion Element (but who have not yet Passed or Failed the Class) are shown.
Not Started
For ELIS Classes that have linked Moodle Classes, this shows users who are enrolled in an ELIS Class with an associated Moodle Class but who have never logged into the Moodle Class. If an ELIS Class does not have a linked Moodle Class, then this shows users who are enrolled but who have not been marked complete on any Completion elements and who have neither Passed nor Failed the Class.

Custom Report Title
You can enter a custom report title each time you run the UCCR report or when you schedule a UCCR job
Configurable report title
The title you enter here will be displayed on the report:
UCCR Configured Report Title - ACME Compliance Report
Configuring Report Columns
The UCCR report enables to to configure which data columns are displayed on the output reports. Standard and custom ELIS user fields, curriculum fields, course fields, and class fields can be displayed on the report (Course and Class on the details report).

Selecting user fields to show on the report

For example, if we select the standard ELIS user fields City/Town and the Custom User field, Area, these will be shown on the report between the default fields and the credits.
Compliance report with user fields added
As we add other fields, the report will get wider. For example, in the report below we have added the standard field of the user's email address, and the custom field of the Manager's email address.
Report with Manager Email
Custom Curriculum Fields on the Report
Below the user fields configurator, are Curriculum fields which can be optionally placed on the report output.
Program fields on the UCCR report

Both standard Curriculum fields and custom Curriculum fields can be placed on the report output.

Ad hoc user report with custom fields

  1. Custom curriculum filed "Region One"
  2. The curriculum field - clicking it will open a new window with the curriculum info. (if the report viewer has permission to view the curriculum)- in this case the report has been filtered to contain data for only one curriculum
  3. Curriculum completion date - standard field displaying the date the learner competed the curriculum
  4. Certificate number - a unique number for each user.

Showing Multiple Curricula on the same report:

When a learner is enrolled in more than one curricula, and the report is not filtered to show only one curriculum, we need to show a line on the report for each curriculum a learner is enrolled in. For example, the report below is not filtered by curriculum, so it shows all the curriculum each learner is enrolled in.

A program report with multiple programs

  1. Because this learner is enrolled in 4 curricula, and the report is not filtered to show only one of them, all four are shown with a line for each curriculum.
  2. The learner's name is repeated (this is to make sure that data exports make sense), and each curriculum's fields (completion, expiration, etc.) are printed separately.
  3. The number of learners on the report is shown here.
  4. We only need to print 1 link to the Details report for each learner.
Details report with multiple Curricula:
When the details report is shown with multiple curricula, each curriculum is shown on the report with the courses and classes the learner is enrolled in. As above, this is done to keep the data clear when it is exported or viewed.
Details Report with multiple curricula

  1. This example learner is enrolled in 3 curricula, these are shown on the left (because curricula was selected in the details report output configurator).
  2. The curricula are listed each time there is a row for a course.
  3. Class details, credits earned, etc. each have their own row.

Custom fields on the Details Report:

Custom User fields on the Details Report

You can add some standard and any custom fields to the report output on the Details Report by selecting the fields in the Details Report Header Display configurator.

Details report with custom fields

Check the fields you would like displayed on the details report screen.

Details report with custom user fields

The user fields you have selected are printed in the report header.

Custom Curriculum Fields on the Details Report:

The Curriculum's name and custom fields can be added to the Details report as well as to the Summary report.

Custom Curriculum Fields on the Details Report

Check the Curriculum checkbox to add the Curriculum's name to the Details report.

Select Custom fields that you would like to show on the Details Report.

Custom Curriculum Fields on Details Report

  1. Curriculum name on the details report.
  2. Custom Curriculum field on the details report.

Displaying Class Role:

If this checkbox is selected then the role of the user in the Moodle course is displayed in the report.

Showing the role on the details report

When the checkbox is checked, if the user is a student or teacher (or any other role that is synchronized to Moodle) in the ELIS Class, the role is shown on the report:

Showing the user's role on the details report