ELIS 1.9 Manual

ELIS Data Hub

Batch Import/Update of Track Information

Below are the Track properties you can set and/or update with Data Hub:

idnumber: The track idnumber.
The name of the track.
The description of the track if it has one.
The startdate of the track.
The date the track ends.
The curriculum the track is assigned to.
autocreate: Autocreate the classes of the track - a class for each course in the curriculum the track is assigned to. Enter 1 to autocreate classes and 0 or leave blank if classes won't be autocreated.

The names of these properties can be changed in the track properties mapping table below. For example if the backend system you are using Data Hub to integrate ELIS with calls the track "name" the "program instance" then you can enter "program instance" next to name below and save changes.

ELIS DH track properties map

The required fields for tracks are:
  1. idnumber
  2. name
  3. context - enter "track" for this required field.
  4. execute/action - The available actions are create, update, and delete.