ELIS 1.9 Manual

ELIS Data Hub

Batch Import/Update of Curriculum Information

Below are the curriculum properties you can set and/or update with ELIS Data Hub:
idnumber: The curriculum id number.
The name of the curriculum.
The description of the curriculum if it has one.
reqcredits: The credits required to complete the curriculum.
The amount of time the user has to complete the curriculum.
How often the curriculum is run.
priority: When a student is in more than one curriculum, the priority controls which is displayed first.

On the curriculum properties mapping table, you can set alternate names for the properties of the curriculum.

ELIS Data Hub curriculum property map

The required fields for curricula are:
  1. idnumber
  2. name
  3. context - Enter "curr" for this required field.
  4. execute/action - The available actions are create, update, and delete.

Example file:
Example of ELIS DH curriculum file

Select this link to download the csv file.