ELIS 1.9 Manual

ELIS Data Hub

Batch Export of Completion Information

When a user completes a course ELIS Data Hub Export can export their completion information.

Below is an example of an export file viewed in OpenOffice:

ELIS IP export

The export file consists of Firstname, Lastname, Username, Idnumber, the Course Idnumber, the date the user started the course, the date the user finished the course, their status, and the grade they earned in the course. Data Hub versions 1.8.8+ allow custom profile fields to be added to the export report, see Export of Profile Fields and Grade Letters section below.

Completion Criteria

In order to be included in the export, a student must be in a Curriculum Management class tied to a Curriculum Management Course. They must have a completed status in the class.

Note: Make sure to set class completion as "locked" when editing manually, or the Curriculum Management cron will reset them

Export of Profile Fields and Grade Letters

In ELIS 1.8.8+, you can add custom profile fields to the Completion Export, these can be added via the Export tab:
Export tab of ELIS IP
  1. To add a custom profile field to the export, first enter a column header - this will show up in the CSV file export as the column header.
  2. Next, select one of the ELIS custom profile fields you have created on your site.
  3. Click the Add button.
You can remove or edit profile fields you have added as well.

Export tab

Click the delete icon (red) to remove the field from future exports or the edit icon (pencil) to edit the field name or value.

Now when an export is generated, these fields are added to the Completion Export:
Export with a profile field added to it

Export Settings

Settings for the export are located at the Site Administration block > Modules > Blocks > Data Hub > Export section:

  1. Export period: The timing of the report can be configured. The report can be automatically run as often as every 5 minutes.
  2. Unique export file names: Select this to save a new file every time the export report is run. If this isn't selected then the new export file will replace the previous file.
  3. Include all historical data: Choose to include all completion data for users or just completion data since the last export report.
Data Hub export settings

Generating the Export Report

The export report can be automatically generated according to the time set in the Export period settings or it can be manually generated at any time by selecting the Export Now button on the Data Hub General tab.

Export now button

ELIS Data Hub will place this file in the SFTP directory that was setup for you during your ELIS DH installation. The file location is shown in the Site Administration block > Modules > Blocks > Data Hub > Export file location.