ELIS 1.9 Manual


Completion Elements

Once the course has been set up, click on the Completion Elements tab.

Completion Element tab of a course

If you won't be linking the completion element to a Moodle activity then select the Add Element button and skip the following two images on this page.

Course completion element screen

To set a completion element that is linked to a user's grade in a Moodle activity, you'll need the ID number from the Moodle course*, so go to the Moodle course and locate the Moodle activity you wish to use as a completion element.

In this case, we'll use a quiz - the grade on this will determine whether the student has successfully completed the course (you can use as many completion elements as you would like).

Open the Edit screen for the Moodle activity, in this case it is a quiz.

Edit icon for a Moodle activity

Scroll down to the Common module settings screen and get the ID number. If there is no ID number, enter one, note it, and then save.

Common Module Settings section of a quiz

The go back to the Adding Completion Element screen in ELIS, and enter the ID number and other information, and save.

Creating a completion element screen

This adds the completion element to the course. Learners who make the completion grade on all the completion elements of the course will be marked as having passed the course.

These will then automatically manage user completion for a course, and can also be viewed on the user report:

Individual User report

* Note that if you want to use completion elements that are not graded in Moodle, only in ELIS, it is important to use an ID number for the Completion Element that is not matched by any activity ID numbers.

There is more information about grading completion elements in ELIS in the Setting up Classes section of this book. Select the following link to skip to that page, Grading Completion Elements in ELIS.

Moodle Gradebook grade items and Moodle Gradebook Categories as ELIS Completion Elements

In ELIS 1.8.8+, Moodle gradebook grade items and gradebook categories can be used as ELIS Completion Elements.

Grade Item ID

When you create or edit a Gradebook grade item or Gradebook category, you can now use it as a Completion Element in ELIS.

Grade Category ID

This function lets you aggregate grades from graded items in Moodle to use them as completion elements.