ELIS 1.9 Manual

Setting up Classes

Using Completion Grades in ELIS/Moodle

ELIS classes can also use the Moodle course gradebook to calculate grades and class completion without using completion elements. For this to work the grades need to be entered in the Moodle course/gradebook and the ELIS class must be linked to the Moodle course.

Grades entered in the Moodle gradebook will transfer to the the linked ELIS class when the cron runs. If the ELIS course/class has no completion grade the user also completes the class, the completion date is set, and the record is locked. If the ELIS course/class has a completion grade, the user must have at least the completion grade in the Moodle course to complete the linked ELIS class and lock the record.

Locking the record stops the synchronization between the Moodle course and the ELIS class. Once the ELIS class record is locked it will no longer be updated by the Moodle course. To allow the Moodle course to update a locked record, unlock the record and it will update when the cron runs.

ELIS class completion dates will continue to update until records are locked. If an ELIS class record isn't locked, the user's completion date will change each day to the current day when the cron runs. Because of this the user's ELIS class record should be locked when they have completed the class.

Moodle Course Gradebook Settings

It is important to check the gradebook settings of the template course when using a completion grade without completion elements - make sure that the aggregation settings are correct. Moodle's default setting: "Aggregate only non-empty grades" causes the issue in the image below.

The course can be completed by finishing the first activity in the course. Once the course is completed, the ELIS class linked to it will be completed when the cron runs. If there is only one activity being used to determine the class grade and class completion then this is not an issue.

Moodle gradebook

The next two images show a simple way to fix this issue by turning off "Aggregate only non-empty grades". To do this select the edit icon for course grades as shown in the next image (the name of the course is 3 Activities). You can also go to Categories and items page and there is a similar edit icon there.

Moodle gradebook

Go to the grade category section shown in the following image, if you don't see this section you may need to select the "Show Advanced" button. Make sure "Aggregate only non-empty grades" is deselected.

Moodle gradebook settings

This will result in the course total being correctly divided by the number of activities.

Moodle gradebook with updated grade

One still has to be careful with course totals and for more complex courses gradebook calculations or hiding the the course total until after the completion date should be used to avoid early course completion.

The ELIS course completion grade can also be used to avoid early course completion. In the example above, if the linked ELIS course has a completion grade of 70 there is no way for the user to complete the ELIS class before they finish all 3 activities in the Moodle course. The maximum grade a user could have after finishing two activities is 67.