ELIS 1.9 Manual

Admin Folder


The ELIS Dashboard provides some useful information about your site:

  1. The link to the Dashboard in the Curriculum Management block.
  2. A link to this ELIS Support course - if you don't have a login for the Support Course, please check with your Remote-Learner Sales Manager to get a login.
  3. The "ELIS health page" link shows if there are any know issues with your ELIS site (cron not running, etc.).
  4. Your ELIS Version, you can check the Release Notes in the support course to see what bugs/improvements/new features are in which version of ELIS. If you are on an older version, you can enter a ticket in the Customer Portal or contact your Sales Manager and request a free upgrade.
When inputting a support ticket or call, it helps us help you more rapidly if you can include your ELIS version and if there are any Problems indicated on the the ELIS health page.

For example. the Health page below indicates that there is an issue with this ELIS site, and suggests a solution as well.

Dashboard health page

Severe ELIS problems are displayed in Red, less severe ones in Yellow. Clicking the "View Solution" button will show you the solution. Some of the Solutions you may be able to perform yourself, others will require you to enter a support ticket. Solutions have a unique URL, Remote-Learner support will be able to respond more quickly if you include this URL in your support ticket.

Health page solution

ELIS 1.9.1 has a new message/warning that is displayed when the ETL process is in progress. The message will display the number of records processed and the number of records that remain to be processed. The following image is showing an example.

ETL process in progress warning

Copying the solution URL from your ELIS Health Center Solutions page will help Remote-Learner support address your problem more rapidly.

If you don't understand the solution or don't want to work on it yourself, don't worry, just let our support staff know about it, and we'll get it fixed - that is what we are here for!