ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Creating Categories

Alfresco: Creating and Assigning Categories

An Alfresco category can be thought of as a tag for classifying content and making that content searchable in the future. To create a category the user must have the role of Administrator. However, users with the role of admin, editor, collaborator, or coordinator role for the content can add categories to content. Follow these steps to create a category and assign a category to content.

Administrator console icon

Navigate to any space and click on the Administration Console icon in the top tool bar.

Category Management link

Click on the Category Management link in the Administration Console.

Add category link

In the Category Management window, click the Add Category icon.
  1. Add the name of the Category (and description if desired).
  2. Click the New Category button.
New category screen

Assigning Categories to Content

Go to the content that will be categorized and select the View Details link.
View content details link

Go to the Category section and select the Allow Categorization link.

Allow categorization link

Select the Change Category icon on the right side of the category section to add/edit a category link.

Change category link

The next section will require 3 selections to choose the category.
  1. Choose the Select button
  2. Choose the Click here to select a Category link
  3. Choose the + symbol next to the category that should be added
Selected category

Once the category has been selected, choose the Add to List button.

Add to list button

Select the OK button on the right hand side of the page when the categories have been added.

New category assignment

Searching Categories

Content can be searched for by category when using an Advanced Search. The search section can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen in Alfresco. The following image demonstrates how to access the advanced search feature.
  1. Select the search Options icon or the arrow next it to open a menu of choices
  2. Select the Advanced Search link from the bottom of the list
Advanced search link

The category section is located on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, select the Click here to choose a Category link.

Category seacrh

  1. Select the + symbol to the right of categories that should be added
  2. Select the Add to List button
Add category to list

Select the Search button to complete the search.