ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Student Backpack Feature

The student backpack feature of ELIS enables students to put their files in their own section of the repository and access those files from anywhere on the site. Wheras previously in Moodle students had very limited ability to upload and share files, in ELIS they can upload and share files anywhere the Moodle HTML editor is used. All of a student's files are located in the My Files tab of their user profile. The tab also shows how much space the user has left in their section of the repository. From the MY Files tab users can manage their files:

User My Files tab

Students can make folders, upload and download files, and search their personal files.

manage files

Any place the student can use the Moodle HTML editor, they can add multiple files from their repository folder. In the example below, the student is going to add an image and a powerpoint to their discussion post:

adding discussion post

To add the Powerpoint they'll use the insert link icon in the editor - this will open up the link browser, and from here they can click the browse button to add files.

adding a powerpoint
Clicking the Powerpoint above will add it to the discussion post - this links to the Powerpoint, so the file is only uploaded once to the student's repository. Once uploaded students can link to the Powerpoint over and over again without having to upload it again or using extra space on your server.

Using the insert image link, the same student can also add an image or multiple images from their repository. Again, the images are added only once to the repository.

adding an image too

In ELIS 1.7, instructors can also add a new assignment type - the Backpack activity. This activity provides an option for students to add files from their repository to the assignment (files are copied from the repository to the assignment so that students can change them after they submit them for grading).

To create a backpack activity turn editing on for a course, go to one of the Add an activity drop down menus and select the Backpack activity link as shown in the next image. Fill in the name, description and adjust the other settings for the activity. Don't forget to assign the activity an ID Number if it will be used for grading purposes.

Backpack activity link

When the student views the backpack assignment, they see one button to add a file from their Alfresco repository (they can also add files from their local file system as usual).

backpack adding files
In the screen below the student has added files from their repository to the backpack assignment.

activity files
The instructor can now view the files, and grade them.

instructor view