ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Moving files between Moodle and the Repository

To demonstrate moving files between Moodle and the ELIS Repository we'll move course files to repository course files. Let's start by going to the Administration block of a course and selecting the Files link as demonstrated in the first image.

Course files link

This image is showing a course files screen. Check the files that are being moved to the repository, go to the With chosen files drop down menu, and select Move to another folder.

Course files screen

Now we choose where to move the files. These files are going to the Repository course files. Go to the drop down menu at the top right hand side of the screen, Browse files from, and select Repository course files.

Move files to repository

The next image shows the Repository course files, to complete the file transfer we select the Move files to here button.

Move file to here button

To move files around within the repository or back to the Moodle course, follow the same steps.

Repository course files

Files uploaded or moved to the repository are assigned an id number. This number does not change. So you can move files anywhere in the repository and the file url will not change.

Duplicate files or files with the same name can not be added to the repository. A warning message will be displayed in this case - Error: A file with that name already exist in this directory: name of file.

There may be issues when moving large files, 100MB or more, from the course files to the repository. To avoid this large files can be downloaded and then uploaded to the repository via WebDav. To skip to the page in this book with instructions for setting up a WebDav share, select this link.

Using the 'Download Locally' Link

The download locally link allows you to download files from the repository to the course files.

Download locally link

After selecting the link from the image above, a pop-up window appears as shown in the following image. Select the 'Download in this directory' link to complete the download to the course files location.

Download to course files directory

In ELIS 1.8.5 the "Download locally" link has changed to "Copy to Moodle". The function is still the same, files are copied to the Moodle course files when selecting the Copy to Moodle link.

Copy to Moodle link