ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Managing Repository Files with Moodle Interface


There are four repository areas:
  1. Site files - Files are available for the entire site.
  2. Course files - Files are available within the course.
  3. Shared files - Files are available in all courses. There is one shared files area per Moodle site. Files stored here can be linked to multiple courses.
  4. User files - Each user has a folder in the repository and can access it from within any course. Repository User Files enables the same file to be linked to multiple courses.
To access the repository files use the repository files drop down menu located in the upper right hand corner of the course files and site files screens. The image below shows a course files screen.

Repository course files

If you link to the repository from the site files, there will be a different option in the drop down menu. There will be a Repository site files link instead of a Repository course files link. The Repository shared and user file links are the same whether accessed through the site files or course files.

Files added to the repository are assigned a file id number. Files in the repository can be moved anywhere in the repository and that id number will stay the same. Which means all links using that files url will remain the same. In Moodle, the file uses the folder location for the url. So if files are moved to a different folder, the links using that files url would have to be changed.

If you are uploading a duplicate file or a file with the same name to the repository, you will receive a warning message - "Error: A file with that name already exist in this directory: name of file".


Each user has a "My Files" tab in their user profile*. The My Files tab shows users how many MB are free in their repository space.

My files tab

By selecting this tab the user can see all of the files they have uploaded to their folder in the repository.

Repository user files in Moodle interface