ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

The Moodle Interface to the Repository

From within Moodle, users have access to the repository in a number of ways as described below.

1. Each user has a "My Files" tab in their user profile*. The My Files tab shows users how many MB of free space they have in their repository folder.

MY Files tab

By clicking this tab the user can see all of the files they have uploaded to their folder in the repository. Users can access these files from anywhere in Moodle where they can link to or embed a file via the HTML editor.

Repository user files

2. In ELIS 1.8, users can also access the Alfresco web interface directly via the Repository block:

Alfresco repository block

Selecting "this link" will open up the Alfresco login screen - where the user can login with their Moodle username and password.

Alfresco login screen

When they login, they can view their folder in Alfresco:

Alfresco user home page

Within Alfresco they can use the functionality that their user role has been granted.