ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

File Handling Improvements

The repository integration with ELIS 1.8 provides a number of file handling improvements along with the integration.

Default browsing location setting:

ELIS 1.8 introduces a method of setting the default browsing location for files. The site admin can set the default folder for users. To edit, go to the Site Administration block on the home page and select File System > Repositories > Alfresco. The setting is near the bottom of the page.

Default browsing location setting

When a user opens up the file browser, the first folder they open is this default setting. For example, in the figure below, the administrator has set "Repository user files" as the default file browsing location. Now when a user opens up the "Insert Image" or "Insert Link" window, the default location is their own file folder in the repository.

Insert image screen for an assignment

File browser memory:

Another new feature Remote-Learner has added to ELIS 1.8 is the ability for the file browser to remember your last location when you open the file browser. Thus, if a user has uploaded a batch of images or files to a folder in the repository, the repository remembers that they were working in that folder, and each time they open the file browser it returns the user to the last folder they were in. This makes it much easier to compose learning materials that involve several images or other files being loaded on the same page, in the same quiz, etc.