ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Using an Embedded Client

Using an Embedded WebClient for WebDAV:

ELIS users can reduce support costs incurred in explaining to their users the various ways to access the ELIS repository via WebDAV by setting up embedded web client. This is a java applet that lets users access their repository via WebDAV online', and using the same tool and interface from any computer they use (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Remote-Learner can help you configure a web client and you can then provide instructions and a link for your users via the Repository block.

An example of using an embedded Web Client to access Alfresco:

When the WebClient has been configured, a user can just click the "Connect" link in the Repository block to open the embedded web client.


On the next screen, the user enters their Moodle username and password:
login to webdav client

When they are logged in, they can access their files directory in Alfresco, and click (or drag and drop) to upload one or more files to their Repository user files.

Linking to files

The embedded Web Client provides a consistent user interface for users to batch upload files, folders, etc. to Moodle. Desktop WebDAV clients can also be used to connect to Alfresco via the WebDAV standard.