ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Using Video in the Repository

To use video that is placed in the ELIS repository, first turn on the repository filter in Administration/ Modules/ Filters/ Multimedia Plugin.

Alfresco multimedia filters

Check the boxes next to the multimedia file types you would like to use in the repository.

To use a video file in in the repository:
  1. Activate the filter for the video file type(s) you will be using in the screen above.
  2. Place video files in the repository.
  3. Link to the video file type from Moodle.
  4. Moodle will automatically embed the video and write the proper code to display it in your course.
  5. By default, the video will be shown at 320x240. To set a custom display size, type &d=widthxheight in the URL.
  6. For example: type &d=400x300 to set the video to display at 400x300.