ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Course Spaces in the Repository

When a user accesses the repository course files for a Moodle course, a course space is automatically created in the Alfresco Repository for that course. The course space will be named the Moodle course short name.

The course spaces are located in the "moodle" folder on the Company Home screen, shown in the image. Select the space name to see the contents of that space.

Alfresco company home screen moodle folder

Once the moodle folder is open the course folder needs to be open to view course spaces.

Alfresco course folder

The course spaces can also be accessed via Moodle. Go to the Moodle course, Administration block, and select the Files link. Then select Repository course files as shown in the next image.

Moodle course files linked to repository course files