ELIS - Alfresco Learning Object Repository 1.9 Manual

Adding Content in the Repository

This page is demonstrating a student user uploading a file to their repository user space.

Select the Add Content link to upload content.

Add content link

A standard upload screen will appear.

Uploading content

Once you have uploaded the file, two more screens will appear with some general file properties that can be edited.

Add content settings screen

The uploaded item will be in the contents section of the space it was added to, in this case, the test user's space.

Added content

If a user file is deleted from the repository by a user other than the owner of the space, the user's repository space usage will not be updated to reflect that file being deleted. The file space will still be counted as being used, and the user will not see the file or have access to it. To prevent this only the owner of the space should delete files from a space.

Creating Content

Select the Create Content link to create content, shown in the following image.

Create content link

A wizard will walk you through the steps to create content. HTML, Plain Text, and XML files can be created here.

Create content wizard