ELIS Course/Class Request

Creating/Assigning Roles

Site administrators will have full access to the class request capabilities. Other users that need class request capabilities should be assigned a role with one or more of the class request permissions allowed. There are three class request permissions, they're located in the Class Request section of the permissions listing.
  1. Approve class request - block/course_request:approve
  2. Configure class request form - block/course_request:config
  3. Request creation of new classes - block/course_request:request
Class request block permissions

Creating Roles

Note: this is a set of example roles for using the Class Request/Approval system - Remote-Learner can set up roles for you as part of your ELIS training session from Remote-Learner learning services. If you wish to have Class Request/Approval roles setup for you, please let us know.

The following 3 roles will be used to demonstrate how to setup and use Class Request/Approval. The first role, Site Manager, will be assigned to a user similar to an admin user, but with less permissions. The Site Manager will manage class approval and class creation.

The Request Manager and Class Manager roles will be used together, these roles will be used by the class requester. The combination of the two roles gives the user the necessary permissions and restrictions. This user is intended to have class request permissions at the site level, but only have access to manage classes that they requested and that were approved. That is why two roles are needed, one for site level access and one for class level access. The class requester will be assigned the Request Manager role at the site level. Then when classes the user requested are approved by the Site Manager the class requester will be automatically assigned the Class Manager role in the new class via the class approval process.

If a role is assigned the class request and class approval permissions then users in that role will have their class request automatically approved when submitted.

As of ELIS 1.8.8, class requests can be filtered by ELIS components - for example a Request Manager might be given permission to request classes only from courses in curricula she/he is assigned to. To utilize this feature, assign the Request Manager (or similar role) below at the ELIS Curricula level instead of at the site level.

Site Manager

This role will be used to manage all class request and create classes. It is assigned at the system level. To create this role go to the Site Administration block > Users > Permissions > Define roles > then select the 'Add a new role' button at the bottom of the page.

The following image shows the beginning of the add a role page. I've added the role's name and shortname, and set the following permissions to allow for this role:
  • Class Request
    • Approve class requests
    • Configure class request form
    • Request creation of new classes
  • Curriculum Administration
    • Set all the curriculum administration permissions to allow except the notifications and delete users permissions.
  • Course Categories
    • Manage categories
    • See hidden categories
    • Create courses
  • Course
    • View courses
    • View hidden courses
    • View hidden sections
    • Hide/show courses
    • Assign roles to users - this permission allows this role to assign roles in new classes, e.g., a class manager
Creating site manager role

Users assigned to this role can edit the class request page, approve/deny pending requests, and assign roles in the new classes.

To assign this role to a user at the site level go to the Site Administration block > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles.

The following image is showing the view the Site Manager role has of the Class Request block.

View of class request block by class approver

Request Manager

This role will be used to give the class requester access to the Class Request block. It is assigned at the system level. This role has one permission in the Class Request section, request creation of new classes.

Creating class requester role

The following image is showing the view the Request Manager role will have of the Class Request block. User's assigned to this role will be able to access the Class Request Page only. From the class request page users assigned this role will be able to request courses and classes.

Note: as of ELIS 1.8.8, if a role has "Allow" set for both "Request Creation of New Classes" and "Approve Class Requests", then classes are created automatically when requested. This setting turns the Class Request block into a customizable Class Creation form.

View of Class Request block by requesting user

Class Manager

This role will be used to give the Request Manager access to classes and permission to manage class enrollments. It is assigned to a user in classes that they requested and were approved. This role could be assigned at the site level also, giving the user access to manage all class enrollments. I've set the following two permissions to allow for this role:
  • Curriculum Administration
    • Manage class enrollments
    • View classes
Enrollment Manager

  1. Set this to allow if you want the Enrollment Manager to be able to enroll any user on the site
  2. Set this to allow (and don't set #1 to allow) to enable the Class Manager to only enroll users in the same organizational cluster(s) as she/he is a member of.
  3. Set this to allow to enable the user to view classes - if you don't set "View classes" to allow for this role, then the user won't be able to see his/her classes in ELIS.

The following image is displaying the new roles on the define roles screen.

Roles used with the class request block

The following pages will demonstrate how these roles will be used with Class Request/Approval.