ELIS Course/Class Request

Class/Course Request System Settings

There are six system level settings for the Class Request block. These let you set a role that the requesting user is assigned in the new class once it is approved.

To access these settings, click on the "Class Request" block link in your Site Admin/Blocks directory.

Link to class request settings

In the Class Request settings, you can set the system role for the class requester, and whether to create a new Moodle course from the template set in the ELIS Course that the ELIS Class is built from.

Class request settings

  1. If this is set to a role, then the person who requests a new class, will be enrolled in the class with this role assignment, if the class request is approved.
  2. If this is checked, then the new ELIS class will have a Moodle course created for it from the template course set in the ELIS Course settings *(if there is one).
  3. If this is checked the the request form shows Course fields from the ELIS course settings page and custom fields.
  4. If this is checked the request form shows Class fields from the ELIS class settings page and
  5. If this is checked, then a class will be created when a new course is approved a class of that course will be created. If it is not set, then no class will be created when the course is approved.
  6. Save changes saves the changes you have made to the settings.