ELIS Course/Class Request

Editing Custom Field data and Assigning roles

Editing Custom Field data:
Once you have approved a Course or Class request, you can edit the information the was entered by going to the Class or Course page, locate the new class/course.
search courses

Search for the new course in the courses page, click the edit (pencil) icon to edit the course information.

Assigning a Role in a New Class

To manually assign a user to a role in the newly created class:

  • Go to the Manage Classes screen.
  • Select the class link.
  • Then select the Roles tab to add a user to a class role.
  • On the Roles tab of the class, select the role you want to assign a user and that will link you to a page where you can select users.

If using the Site Manager role created on one of the previous pages in this documentation, you will need to edit the role in order to manually assign the class manager role to users in approved classes. When editing the role go to the "Allow role assignments" tab, find the Site Manager role in the column on the left, select checkboxes for the roles the Site Manager role should be able to assign, and then Save changes.Allow role assignments tab

The next image shows the Roles tab of the class when viewed by the site manager. The Site Manager role only has permission to manually assign one role, the Class Manager role.

Class Roles tab

To assign a role in a course manually you can use the same steps in the Manage Courses area.

Also, in the block settings, you can set a role to be automatically assigned to the requesting user when new courses/classes are created.