Data Hub Basic

6 Importing Course Information

6.1 Using Template Courses

Data Hub Basic enables the creation of courses using Moodle courses as templates. A course template is an existing Moodle course - this course will be automatically backed up (without user data) and restored into each course that calls it as a template.

A common use for this functionality is automatic course rollover - when a site administrator wants to create copies of a previous semester's courses for faculty to use in a new semester.

Another common use is to create new courses from a template course - for example if you would like a custom block layout or a set of blocks not standard in Moodle, then you can create a course with that block layout, and set Data Hub to use that course as a template for creating new courses.

You can use as many templates as you like, so for example if one Department wants to create new courses with one set of blocks and/or block layout, and another department wants to create new courses with a different set of blocks and/or block layout, then you can accomplish this by setting one template course for each department's new courses.

The following image demonstrates how to setup a CSV file for this. The fields necessary to make this work are:
  • action - Enter "create".
  • fullname - Enter the name of the new course.
  • shortname - Enter the shortname of the new course. The new course's shortname must be different than the template course.
  • link - Enter the shortname of the template course.
The courses in rows 3 and 4 will be created from a course template. By entering the template course's shortname in the link column of file below, DH will automatically retrieve the zip file from the course and use it to create the new course.

Example file for creating a course from template

Any of the fields from the course properties map can be entered in the CSV file.

Select this link to download this CSV file.

Note - this sample file will only work if you have existing courses on your Moodle site with shortnames in the CSV file - such as PAP, EMM, etc. To use this file on your own site you would need to enter in shortnames of existing courses in the "link" column.