Data Hub Basic

8 Log File

This page demonstrates the log file for a group of courses that are imported and processed by Data Hub.

I'm loading the following CSV file to the 'Import file location'.

Example of course csv file

Next I select the Save and Process button from the Course tab. Once processed, Data Hub Basic displays the import file status and a link to the log file.

Log file link

The log file displays the 4 courses DH Basic tried to create with the CSV file. The first three courses were successfully created. The fourth course was not created because I entered 'update' instead of 'create' in the actions column. Data Hub tried to update the course but it hasn't been created yet.

Log file

To access all the log files use the file location specified in the Data Hub block configuration screen. In the following image I've accessed the log folder using SFTP, the application/program shown in the image is Cyberduck. In this example the files can be downloaded by double clicking a log.

Accessing the log file folder via SFTP