Data Hub Basic

9 Exporting Grade Information from Moodle via DH

Data Hub can export final grade information (number and/or letter grades) in csv format. This can be imported to an SIS/ERP record keeping program (Banner, Peoplesoft, SAP, etc.). What is provided by DH is a regularly exported csv file with either incremental data (grades changed/updated since the previous export) or a full export of all grade data on the system. Custom user profile fields can be added to this export.

Export files show course data for users in a CSV format. The export files include the following data:
  • first name
  • last name
  • username
  • user idnumber
  • course idnumber
  • start date
  • end date
  • grade
In Data Hub 1.8.8+ versions, custom profile fields can be added to the export report on the Export tab. The bottom of this page has more information about the new export features in Data Hub 1.8.8.

Export files are automatically generated every 24 hours by default, this can be changed by going to the Site Administration block > Modules > Blocks > Data Hub > Export period. Export reports can also be created manually at anytime by selecting the Export now button on the General tab of Data Hub.

Export now button

The export csv files will be saved in the Export file location. The file location is shown on the Data Hub block configuration screen located in the Site Administration block > Modules > Blocks > Data Hub > Export file location. The location can be accessed via SFTP.

Here's an example of a CSV export file from Data Hub Basic:

Example of an export file

All users assigned a student role in a course for the site will be included in the export file for Data Hub Basic. If a user is in multiple courses, each course will have a separate row in the file.

Currently there is not a way to set end dates for users in Moodle courses, so the end date will be the date the file was processed. Moodle 2.0 may enable a way to set end dates for users in courses.

Letter Grade and Custom Profile field export:

User custom profile fields can now be added to the export report on the Export tab of Data Hub. To add custom profile fields to the report:
  1. Select the Export tab to add/edit custom profile fields for the export report.
  2. Enter what should be entered in the column header for this field in the report.
  3. Select the profile field that will be added to the export report and give the entry a column header. For Data Hub import files, the column header would be the custom profile field shortname by default, the shortname is being used in the examples here.
  4. Select the Add button to add the profile field to the export report.
  5. Once the profile field has been added to the report it can be deleted, its position in the list can be changed, or it can be edited. Selecting the edit icon for a profile field on this screen will give you 2 options, change the header name or changed the profile field. When editing a selection on this screen, select the Update button when finished.
Export tab

The following example shows the export report generated by Data Hub Basic, the "Letter" column on the far right hand side of the report has the letter grade for users. The custom profile field added to the report is also on the far right hand side of the report after the letter grade.

Export file with custom profile field