Data Hub Basic

7 Importing Enrollment Information

7.1 Assigning Parent Roles

This use case will demonstrate how to:
  1. Create a parent role
  2. Create/upload a CSV file via Data Hub Basic to add users to the parent role of students
  3. Use the new parent role

Creating the Parent Role

To create the parent role go to the Site Administration block > Users > Permissions > Define roles. Go to the the bottom of the page and select the 'Add a new role' button. There are 5 permissions that will be allowed for this Parent role:
  • Users
    1. Edit user profile
    2. See all user blogs
    3. See all user posts
    4. See user activity reports
  • Course
    1. View user profile
This parent role is used with the Mentees block. The Mentees block is where the parent accesses the user information they are permitted to view when they are assigned to the parent role for a user. To add the Mentees block, go to the the site home page, turn editing on, go to blocks and select the Mentees block.

Creating/Uploading the CSV file

There are 5 required fields to create the CSV file to assign parent roles to users via Data Hub Basic:
  1. action: add this user to the following role in the following
  2. context: this user will be assigned a role in the user context
  3. instance: in this example the instance is the student user, enter the username
  4. username: enter the username of the user receiving the new role permissions
  5. role: enter the shortname of the role being assigned
Example file adding a user to the parent role of another user
The users in this example have already been added to the site. If users have not been added to the site, add the users via a user file or other methods first. Use the 'Import all' button located on the General tab to process user and enrollment files at the same time.

Any of the properties included on the Enrollment tab of DH Basic can be included in the CSV file. Some other properties that might be useful with a setup like this would be a start time and stop time for the role assignment.

Once the file has been created it can be uploaded to the site directory. In the following image I'm demonstrating a view from Cyberduck. Once the connection has been established:
  1. Select the file being uploaded.
  2. Drag and drop the file to copy it to the import file location. In the image below the import folder is the import file location. To find the Data Hub file locations go to the Site Administration block > Modules > Blocks > Data Hub > Import file location.
Cyberduck view

Next the Data Hub settings may need to be adjusted before processing the file. The following image is showing the Enrollment tab.

The file name needs to be changed to the file name that was uploaded to the directory so DH Basic can locate and process the file.

Enrollment tab

After selecting 'Save and process' above, the following screen appears stating whether or not the file was imported successfully.

Log file link

Selecting the log file link will display the log of actions taken.

Log file

The new role can be located by going to the student user's profile screen and selecting the Roles tab.

User profile screen

User roles screen

Using the Role

To demonstrate how the role is used I'll login as the user that was just assigned to the parent role. On the site home page the user will see the the student user they were assigned the parent role for in the Mentees block.

Mentees block

If the parent user selects the student user's name from the Mentees block, they will be linked to the student user's profile screen. From here the parent user can access the features they have permissions to use.

Parent view of student user profile screen

The courses the student user is assigned to can be linked to here from the Courses section of the user profile, each course name is a link to the course. The parent user does not have full access to the courses though, just the features they have permissions to use.