Data Hub Basic

11 Automating Data Hub

Once you have developed a process to export data from your SIS/MIS/ERP/HR system into Data Hub's CSV format, you can further automate the process of data import using the standard SCP and scripted SFTP formats.

Please complete DH's setup and make sure the system is configured correctly and data imports are working correctly before adding the step of automating the process.

Due to the wide variety of different possible operating system configurations and SFTP/SCP applications, Remote-Learner's standard support for Data Hub does not include configuring your system to send files to Remote-Learner's servers1.

However, the SFTP protocol has been a standard for man years, and there are many sources for information on how to script it to automatically send files to a remote system.

Here are several tutorials that describe methods to script files to be sent automatically from Unix/Linux and Windows servers:

Windows using the free WinSCP tool:


Please note that these links are offered as examples, they are not meant to be comprehensive nor exclusive, and Remote-Learner's standard support for Data Hub does not include setting up or debugging SCP/SFTP scripts1.

1. Advanced support for building and testing an SCP/SFTP automation process may be available from our Professional Services Group, please discuss this with your Remote-Learner account representative.