Administration Settings

Once the block has been installed go to the Administration block > Site Administration > Modules > Blocks > iMail. This will open the block configuration screen:

iMail block settings

The settings here are fairly self-explanatory.
  1. SSL - if this is enabled and SSL is setup on the site, email will be encrypted.
  2. If this is enabled users can choose to receive alerts in their external email account of new messages in their iMail inbox. If this is turned off - set to "No"- then no users on the site will receive email alerts from iMail in their external email (note that this does not deactivate forum post notifications, etc.).
  3. This setting will create an inbox for each course
  4. This uses an older user selection method for selecting contacts to send the email to.
  5. This will enable users to send email to site administrators
  6. This is the color that emails a user has answered will show up as.
  7. This is the color that will be alternated when viewing email to help keep them separate.
  8. This can be used to limit how many course mailboxes will be shown - though the system will only show mailboxes in the iMail block if there are new messages (the user can see all their inboxs when they go into the iMail block).
  9. Available in ELIS 1.8.8+ versions
iMail block settings