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Adding other activities - Quiz

adding activities

Once you add a quiz in Manage Activities, you can add the quiz to a page by using the "Add existing activity" drop-down.

quiz on the page

New Feature: Once the quiz has been added to the page, it shows up with the summary information embedded. (the way different activities show up in Flexpage is managed by a set of display functions in the course format folder - items without special display functions show up as links - like quiz. Forum, Label, Web Page resources, the new CMS resource, and Quiz have special functions which enable them to show up as embedded).
  1. In the example above, the course designer has placed a Web Page resource above the quiz with instructions.
  2. Below the resource the quiz summary, results, and start button. What shows here is controlled by the quiz settings - for instance if previous attempts is set not to show in the quiz settings, it won't show on Flexpage.
The items in the image above all have CSS tags, so they can be hidden or formatted by the theme.