Flexpage Documentation

Setting up a page menu

page menu
The page menu enables you to create navigation menus for your site - these can be lists of links to pages, but can also link to external sites and directly to modules. You can create as many menues in your course as you like, and you can put them on any or all pages, as well as have them show up in tabs.

When you add a new Page menu, you will see a set of overall options:

page menu uptions

  1. The name of the menu
  2. Whether the menu is displayed as a list or a drop down on the page
  3. Display name - whether to print the name of the menu
  4. If you check this, the menu will show up as a tab, to the left of the page tabs
  5. The ordering for the tab - if multiple page menus are set to show as tabs, you can set the order in which they appear (from left to right).

Save changes and click the edit tab to add items to the menu.

adding items to the menu

  1. Links can entered
  2. You can select from a list of activities you have added in the Manage Activities tab
  3. You can select from a list of pages on the site

rendered menu

As items are added a preview of the menu is displayed. You can move items around, edit them, or remove them by using the icons on this screen.

adding items to the menu

Click "Add links" to add links you have entered above.

When you are done, click Save changes to exit.