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Page Locking

Flexpage Page Locking:

Page locks can be used to control student access to pages based on their grade on course activities or access to resources - or both.

To set page access controls, click on the lock icon next to the page you would like to lock.

Manage Pages - Page Locking

On the locking page, choose the type of lock to add:
  1. Lock by activity accessed- this means that a user will have to view that activity before they can view the page.
  2. Lock by the grade of an activity - if you choose this type of lock users will have to achieve a grade on a Moodle activity before viewing the page.
In both cases, choose the type of lock and then click "Save Changes" - this will open the next screen.

locking a page

Adding an activity accessed lock - when adding the first type of lock, choose the activity or resource you want users to view before they can access the page. To satisfy this type of access restriction all a user needs to do is view the resource or activity.

Note: This type of lock can be used with either graded or non-graded activities.

lock by resource

Adding a graded item lock when adding this type of page lock, you will only be able to choose an existing graded activity in your course:

graded activity locking

After you choose the activity, you can set the grade required to unlock the page (the Max grade shows the maximum grade for the activity you have selected. In this example the current maximum grade for the Session 5 Quiz is 10 points).

Setting grade points for page locks

Pages can be locked by more than one criteria, for example in this overview of a set of page locks, users must view the Teaching Vowels resource AND score 5 or more points on the Session 5 Checkpoint quiz.

Locking overview

In this overivew:
  1. The setting shows the pre-requisites to students when they try to access the page, with a message about the lock and a link to the activity or activities that are locking the page.
  2. If this is set to yes, then pages are visible to students when locked in tabs and the menu.
    1. Visible locked pages show a message and if the "Show pre-requisites" setting is set to yes, then the page shows the user the link to the activity or activities that are preventing access to the page. In the Page Menu, locks are printed next to the page's name.
    2. If this is set to no, then pages are hidden until unlocked. In the Page Menu hidden pages are not shown until they are unlocked.
  3. If there are access locks the name of the activity or resource is printed, with a checkbox to remove the lock. To remove the lock, check the checkbox and click "Save Changes".
  4. If there are graded activity locks, the name of the activity or activities are printed, with a checkbox to remove the lock. To remove the lock, check the checkbox and click "Save Changes".
    4.1. The current grade that is required to unlock the activity is displayed. You can type in a new grade and click Save Changes.
  5. Pages can have more than one locking item, to add more choose an activity from the "Add activity accessed" drop down (this shows all the current activities in the course) and click "Save changes".
  6. Save changes saves the changes on your current screen. Cancel will close the screen and return you to the previous screen.
Student view of locked pages:
When students view a page menu with locked pages that are set to be visible, they see the pages with locks printed next to their names:

Student view of locks

If the pages are set to not be visible when locked, the students don't see the pages until they are unlocked.

The page below is set to be Visible when locked and Show Pre-requisites is set to yes.

lock message