Outcomes Reports

Item Analysis Report

The Item Analysis report shows the objective's expectations that are linked to a question in the quiz/lesson along with answers for the question. The following is a description of each column of the report from left to right:
  • Item Number - The question number from the quiz/lesson.
  • Description - The description of each objective linked to that question.
  • Correct Answer - The correct answer for the question shown next to each objective assigned to that question.
  • Answers selected by users - The last columns show the amount of times each answer was selected by users.
This report is designed to use multiple choice question types like the Student Response report.

The report options are just about the same for each outcomes report. First select the type of activity, quiz or lesson. Then enter the standard and select the quiz or lesson the report will be generated for. When the options are set correctly, select the Run Report button. From this screen Item Analysis reports can also be generated for all the quizzes/lessons, that have questions linked to objectives, on the site.

Item Analysis report

The last page of the report shows a bar chart, each bar represents the percentage of correct answers for that quiz question. The report options of the previous image has a field to enter the standard for this report, each bar from the chart in the following image has a red line representing that number.

Last page of Item Analysis report

To export the report, select one of the file format icons located in the upper left hand corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer. If Flash format is selected a new window will open and display the Flash version.